Lectures & Workshops

Through interactive workshops for groups of up to 100+ participants, I bring my extensive international experience as a relationships educator to organizations globally. I consult, provide guests lectures, and deliver staff development training programs.  

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Tea & Empathy workshop

Tea & Empathy is a skills-based workshop for groups wanting to increase their practical empathy skills. We explore what empathy is, what empathy isn’t, and how empathy can support our personal and professional relationships.

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EMpathy and Self-care Training 

Sustainable empathy requires sustainable self-care. These extended workshops explore the different types of self-care needed to meaningfully recharge and fend off burnout. Self-care is more than just a spa day and this training is all about building those tools. 

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How to keep your empathy without buring out

In this interactive lecture, I teach implementable tools for upgrading empathy without burning out in the process. It's a practical overview of self-care and empathy beyond the basics.