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I created Tea & Empathy to bring people together to practice concrete empathy skills in a comfortable atmosphere. With a cup of tea in hand, we discuss what empathy is, what empathy isn’t, and how empathy can support our personal and professional relationships.

Then we transition into an empathy skill-building activity, using a deck of cards I developed, where participants give and receive empathy around the challenges in their lives. 


“Tea & Empathy is a mainstay for how I care for myself and others. Since working with Kate in one of her wonderful workshops, I've turned to my cards to help in my relationship with my wife, my friends and even the athletes that I coach.

Nothing else brings about the sense of ease and understanding like spending some time with a caring person and the cards.”

—Angus Blair, National Coaching Director of the New Zealand Powerlifting Federation, Auckland, New Zealand”

“Kate is the perfect blend of warmth and knowledge. She listens with a full heart and is always on your team, easing participants into opening up at their own pace. Kate also brightens the learning experience with endless quirky facts that bring wonder, laughter, and beautiful lightness.”

— Karen B. K. Chan, Workshop Participant, Sex & Emotional Literacy Educator, Toronto, Canada

“Kate is an absolute joy to be around. She enthusiastic about helping others to live their best lives and does it fully dedicated to the moment and the person. She is an incredibly empathetic person which shows in her creation of Tea & Empathy. This workshop is an amazing experience in how we define our own feelings, assign names to what we perceive others are feeling, and the differences in our communication styles. It is truly an exercise that leaves you unpacking for weeks afterward.”

— Kirsten Schultz, WOrkshop participant, Health Activist and Blogger, Madison, WIscosin


In this one-hour interactive lecture, I walk participants through the key skills they need to keep their empathy without burning out in the process. Empathy is a pivotal skill in any client-facing role. Numerous organizational goals are easier to reach with better empathy skills: creativity, team building, client service, and reduced turnover.

Unfortunately, being bombarded with human feelings can result in burnout for service providers. But this is not inevitable. I teach professionals who are at a high risk of burnout what they can foster to increase their empathy while reducing their emotional overload. 

“Kate gave her talk on empathy in our Public Health Leadership and Management subject. It was full of deep insights, the students were highly engaged and afterwards they gave wonderful feedback about her presenting style and content. I can highly recommend her as a speaker.” 

— Professor Rob Moodie, School of POPULATION and Global Health, University of Melbourne

“Kate has created the world's first empathy gym. It is well recognised that high emotional intelligence and empathic communication are the most sought after leadership skills. Finally, we have a way to practice, develop and hone those emotional muscles. This is revolutionary stuff applicable to anyone who deals with humans on a regular basis.”

—Victoria Cullen, WOrkshop Participant, co-founder of Future Sex Studio at RMIT University, Melbourne, AUstralia

“Kate’s unique flavor of teaching empathy fits perfectly with an entrepreneurial mindset. Learning to give and receive empathy has been a catalyst to working collaboratively with diverse clients and building purposeful and meaningful relationships. Kate's work has shown me that empathy sits at the center of quality human relationships. These are life long communication skills that have changed the way I approach professional and personal relationships.”

— Rick A. Aguilar, Workshop participant, Marketing and Public Health Consultant, New York, New york

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Empathy & Self-Care Half-Day and Day-Long Trainings

Self-care is an essential component of maintaining our mental health. I explore the detailed architecture of self-care and how to implement sustainable self-care techniques. By building capacity in self-care, we can significantly improve our ability to weather the stresses of work and life. 

I train participants to examine the self-care they're already doing, evaluate what's working and where they need to fortify their self-care routines, and provide detailed strategies for developing self-care tool kits.

Importantly, I also explore how self-care is not something we achieve alone, but with the support and engagement of those around us. Achieving this also requires a clear understanding of empathy and how to use it effectively in a variety of situations to maintain strong relationships.  

“Empathy and self-care are both loaded concepts and it can be hard to get people to participate and emotionally invest in them. What I love most about Kate’s work is that her practical application of empathy translates to the people she’s working with. She is able to get buy in from anyone she’s working with, and help them to translate their existing skills into better empathy and self-care. As a mental health advocate, it is my greatest wish that everyone could learn from Kate, not only to help support others, but to help support themselves.”

—Sam Jones, WOrkshop Participant, Content Marketing Manager, Melbourne, Australia

“Kate brings a genuine passion to her field. She has a beautiful way of balancing science and humanity to create engaging and comfortable experiences for all her participants. Kate's workshops are highly recommended for anyone wanting to feel empowered, heard, and restored.”

—Shadeen Francis, MFT, WOrkshop Participant, Philadephia, Pennsylvania

“Kate is an expert in her field who has a great talent for expressing often complicated or taboo topics in a way that is personable, memorable, and professional. Participants in her events praised her extremely highly. After facilitating workshops and speaking at events for our organisation, many have requested her details to book in future engagements.”

— Belinda O’Connor, Event Organizer, Melbourne, Australia