Tea & Empathy Cards

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I made the Tea & Empathy feelings cards to help people get the words to describe their feelings. People use them to exchange empathy between partners, with groups of friends, or as a solo self-care practice. They're designed to help the users feel seen, heard, and understood. Some people also use them as journal prompts, tools to break writer's block, or a focal point for a meditation practice. 

There are 120 cards, each with one primary feeling and three adjacent feelings printed on them. They are designed to help build your emotional vocabulary and linguistic accuracy around feelings. 

I created the cards as a tool to use in my empathy workshops, but started selling them because participants wanted decks of their own to use with friends and family. 


How Can you buy a Set of Tea & Empathy cards?

I’m currently running a Kickstarter campaign in order make some improvements to the deck (like a custom box and an instruction manual). At the moment, the only way to buy the cards is through Kickstarter. There will be a bit of a wait to receive your new-and-improved deck of cards, but I think it’s worth the wait. After the new cards are in production, folks will be able to buy the cards through the Tea & Empathy website.

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